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DRAGIN Geothermal Well Drilling provides a full range of geothermal well drilling, loop system installation and heat pump installation services including:

· Borehole drilling
· Supply and return line trenching, installation and backfilling

Open Loop Systems
· Single Well Installations
· Standing Column Well Installations
· Double Well Installations

Closed loop Systems
· Vertical Well Installations
· Borehole grouting

We are certified well drillers, heat pump installers and HDPE pipe fusers. We
pride ourselves on our efficient and time saving abilities on the job as well as
our capacity to complete the project without the use of sub-contractors.
P.O. Box 7723, Gilford, NH  03247 | Phone: (603) 524-2433 | Toll Free: (877) NH-GEOTH(ERMAL)