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Utilizing our in-house expertise, DRAGIN Geothermal Well Drilling has developed an innovative water supply exploration approach. Our unique Multi-Media Straddle Sampling System allows for the collection of subsurface soil samples and groundwater samples as well as aquifer yield potentials at specific depths from a single borehole. By being able to obtain this valuable information during the drilling phase, this approach also allows you to eliminate unnecessary well installations, including the installation of test wells or observation wells in locations with unfavorable yields and the installation of a test well "pair" solely to obtain drawdown information.

DRAGIN Geothermal Well Drilling's services include:
· 4-inch to 8-inch Domestic Drinking and Irrigation Well Installations
· 2-inch to 16-inch Private/Public Test Well and Production Well Installations
· Formation Yield Testing using our Multi-Media Straddle Sampling System
· Step-Drawdown and Aquifer Pump Testing

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