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DRAGIN Geothermal Well Drilling
provides a full range of water supply drilling services including:
· Domestic water wells
· Irrigation wells
· Municipal test wells
· Municipal production wells

DRAGIN Geothermal Well Drilling's commitment to our Clients and their needs is what separates us from other water well drilling companies.

Water supply drilling is only a small fraction of the services we provide. We operate a full-time professional staff, which enables us to provide a higher level of service. Our representatives will be happy to take your calls, discuss your needs, answer questions, provide estimates, and perform site walks. But more importantly, we guarantee your project will be completed on or within a realistic window of your scheduled start date!

Groundwater is the source of daily
drinking water for greater than 150
million Americans. There are nearly one
million "old-fashioned" or dug wells in
use. This type of well is very difficult to
keep free from water quality problems.
Drilled overburden and/or rock wells
are much more reliable and provide
safer drinking water. DRAGIN
Geothermal Well Drilling
can install
your drinking water or irrigation well.
Well sizing and depths will be based upon
your individual needs and water requirements.

How Water Wells are Drilled
Water well rigs are used to drill a hole through the soil and rock layers to reach groundwater. Not all water wells are drilled the same way, but rotary drilling is the most common method.

Casing is then put in the borehole to stop it from collapsing and to prevent surface water from getting into the well. Site-specific factors (i.e., formation and location) will be evaluated to determine the appropriate drilling method to be utilized for your well.

Well Installation
Upon completion of drilling and well installation activities, a submersible pump is placed in the well. In the Northeast, a pitless adapter is used to divert the water from the well into the home, all the while keeping the water lines below the frost level.

Homeowners with a private well should test their well water once a year. Most
wells do not require chemical treatment because the water moves straight from
the soil or rock into the house.

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